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Fen Drayton





Johnsons of Old Hurst





An unsafe derelict site in Green belt land redeveloped into 19 self-build plots with planning permission for one dwelling per plot. The project leads the way in innovative self build opportunities, in fitting with the government’s aim to encourage self building to address the housing shortage, and allowing ambitious homemakers to determine the details of their custom house. (Back To Top)


Planning permission was granted for a code 6 home in the village of Fen Drayton. Code 6 is the leading standard for environmentally friendly construction as set out by the UK government. These are ‘carbon zero homes’ with no nett output of carbon dioxide, they also boast massively reduced water consumption per person and are constructed with high specification materials sympathetic to the local environment. (Back To Top)




A Lawful Use Certificate was successfully gained to allow the use of a former agricultural building to be permanently used as a dwelling. The application site was more than a mile outside the market town of March, in the open countryside. Permission for the erection of a replacement dwelling and garage was subsequently granted. (Back To Top)


Planning permission was gained for an impressive contemporary dwelling on a constrained site. Planning requirements and design issues were balanced for an excellent outcome in a prominent location of a conservation area. (Back To Top)



The first Passivhaus in the Cambridgeshire! Passivhaus is the largest growing energy performance standard in the world, focussed on dramatically decreasing energy output on heating compared to a traditional house, there are 30,000 Passivhaus certified buildings worldwide to date. Erecting a Passivhaus involves advanced construction and specifies very high levels of insulation, draught free construction and low-energy heat recovery ventilation systems, whilst avoiding thermal bridges. There are thousands of Passivhaus buildings in Germany, Austria and Belgium and it is likely that the UK building regulations will gradually progress towards the current exemplary Passivhaus standard. This is an example of one of our many projects working with Kingspan Potton, please see for more information. (Back To Top)


Planning permission was granted for a new Farm Shop at Johnsons of Old Hurst. This valuable local business, was able to expand and continue to serve the local community. More information on Johnsons of Old Hurst can be found here: (Back To Top)